IAAAM Board Elections

During the business meeting at the 2017 IAAAM Conference in Cancun, you will be asked to vote in filling several positions on the IAAAM Board. Up for renewal this year are President-Elect, Board Member for Communications, Board Member for Education, and Secretary (due to current Secretary stepping down to run for President-Elect). Below are the current nominees for these positions along with biographies for consideration. Additional nominations may be made from the floor during the business meeting.


Michael S. Renner DVM: I am a veterinarian with over twenty five years of experience in the zoo and aquatic animal field. I received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 1992 from The University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine. I worked as staff and chief veterinarian for Sedgwick County Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Miami Seaquarium and SeaWorld. I have been adjunct professor with the The University of Miami, The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, and currently The University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine. Since 2004 I have operated a veterinary consulting business providing service to aquatic and zoological facilities worldwide. I have presented topics on zoo and aquatic animal medicine at numerous conferences and universities, and I have published and contributed to journals and textbooks. I have been a member of IAAAM since 1992. I have been honored to serve as IAAAM secretary since 2013 and I would be highly honored to serve as president. It is an important time in our industry. I am committed to preserving the mission of IAAAM now and into the future.

Board Member for Communications

Michael B Briggs, DVM, MS: Michael graduated from the University of Idaho, summa cum laude with a BS in Animal Science. He then received both his DVM and MS from Washington State University immediately following his time in Idaho. From there he spent the first 20 years of his career working in AZA accredited zoos/aquaria working with a wide range of species as well as working with State Wildlife Departments and developing an international consulting company and an NGO working with free ranging carnivores in Africa. Global Veterinary Consultancy, Inc. has been in existence since working for the Chicago Zoological Society in the late 1990’s. Through this Professional Corporation, Briggs has had both short and long term marine mammal consultation/clinical veterinary contracts throughout the world, including China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, Portugal, and other locations. He has been an IAAAM member for over 20 years and has attended almost all conferences since the late 1980’s. He is dedicated to the practice of clinical medicine on a large variety of marine species (mammal and fish) as well as design of facilities and training of veterinarians and technicians. He is a strong supporter of the mission of IAAAM and is honored to serve on the Board.

NOTE: Michael is the current Board Member for Communications and has agreed to continue in this capacity if approved by the IAAAM membership.

Board Member for Education

Kathleen Colegrove, DVM, PhD, Dip ACVP: Dr. Katie Colegrove obtained her DVM from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002 and went on to complete a residency in Anatomic Pathology at UC Davis. She became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in 2005. Katie received her PhD in Comparative Pathology in 2008 from UC Davis and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at the Zoological Pathology Program, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois where she has worked for the past 9 years. She is a consulting or contract pathologist for a number of marine mammal focused facilities, stranding organizations, and federal and state agencies. She has been a member of IAAAM since 2003, served on the Student Liaison Committee since 2007 and the Medway Endowment Committee since 2010, and was the Chair of the Student Liaison Committee from 2010-2014. She has been the IAAAM executive board member for education since 2014. Katie enjoys her job as an aquatic-focused veterinary pathologist as it enables her to collaborate with many IAAAM members.

NOTE: Katie is the current Board Member for Education and has agreed to continue in this capacity if approved by the IAAAM membership.


Todd Robeck DVM, PhD: Todd is currently the VP of Theriogenology and is responsible for the development and application of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to the animal collection at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. He has been the principle or co-principal investigator in developing the first successful methodology for artificial insemination in the killer whale, bottlenose dolphin, Pacific white-sided dolphin, the beluga and the Magellantic Penquin. In 1984, while working on his B.S. in Marine Biology at Texas A&M University Galveston, Dr. Robeck started his career with marine mammals as a marine animal trainer at Sea-Arama Marineworld in Galveston. In 1985, Dr. Robeck than began pursuing his Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology at Texas A&M University. In 1987, while in graduate school he began working with SeaWorld on killer whale reproduction. While continuing his research with killer whales, he began veterinary school in 1988. After finishing his preliminary exams for his Ph.D. in 1993 he began working for Sea World San Antonio as a veterinarian and Busch Entertainment Corporation (BEC) as a reproductive physiologist. He graduated with his Ph.D. in 1996 and in 2000 began working full time with BEC then SEA in 2009 in his current position. In 2006, Dr. Robeck co-supervised the completion of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center (SWBGRRC) in San Diego California. SWBGRRC is the only center in the world that is dedicated toward the application of sperm sexing technology and ART in exotic species. Dr. Robeck is a licensed veterinarian in Texas, and Florida and is a member of the International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine and the International Embryo Transfer Society.