The Vancouver Aquarium is currently accepting applications for Veterinary Externships for May-October 2018. Located in the heart of beautiful Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada, the Vancouver Aquarium is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s foremost centers for aquatic education, research and conservation. We have an exciting opportunity for veterinary students to work in our Animal Health Department.  Veterinary externs will work closely with the Vancouver Aquarium’s veterinary staff, which includes a board-certified veterinarian, veterinary intern, and two veterinary technicians, in the medical management of a large captive display collection that includes marine mammals, terrestrial mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and a large variety of native and tropical fish.  The veterinary extern will also assist the veterinary medical staff in providing medical management for approximately 150 live-stranded marine mammals (mostly harbour seals) which are cared for by the Vancouver Aquarium. 

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