Mark your calendars. The 2015 Medway Scholarship applications will be due March 2, 2015. Now is the time to start thinking about suitable projects and lining up potential students for 2015 summer projects.

Bill Medway Fund

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Medway Scholarship Student Report

Wondering what our previous Medway scholarship winners are up to? Below is a report written by scholarship winner Kelsey Seitz.

The IAAAM Medway student research scholarship allowed me to pursue an amazing project this past year with the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF). The project focused on the application of hepatic ultrasound in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) to standardize a technique for liver ultrasonography and to identify the normal and/or abnormal features in a group of dolphins. With the help of the amazing veterinary staff, technicians and trainers at the NMMF and Navy Marine Mammal Program, we were able to complete our goal of performing hepatic ultrasound scans on all 30 dolphins over my summer break from veterinary school. It was an incredibly educational experience to learn in great detail about the physics and functions of ultrasound, how to scan dolphins, and how to analyze the sonographic data. The logistics involved with the project were also very educational because I learned how to schedule medical procedures into a busy working animal agenda with the help of the training and supervising staff. These experiences are ones that I will certainly find useful in my future endeavors and career in aquatic animal medicine. I was already able to utilize the skills that I learned during this project in senior clinics and in an externship at Sea World San Diego.  

Unparalleled mentors from the NMMF and UC Davis have guided me through the scientific writing process and I have drafted a scientific manuscript that I hope to submit for publication by the end of the year. I feel so grateful for this unique opportunity presented to me by IAAAM and am so appreciative of my mentors at NMMF and UC Davis for making this research project happen. Every part of this endeavor, from the literature search to the ultrasound exams and scientific writing, has been an extremely enlightening and educational experience.  I was very excited and honored to present this project in Australia this past May at the IAAAM annual conference. This entire process has strengthened my passion for aquatic animal medicine and solidified my goal to pursue a career in this exciting field. I am hopeful that this study will contribute to the health and conservation of marine mammals. 

I am currently in my fourth clinical year in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  Upon graduation in May of 2015, I hope to participate in a clinical internship.  After that I hope to achieve my goal to become an aquatic animal veterinarian!