Conference registration for the April 2015 IAAAM Conference in Chicago is currently open at To take advantage of early registration fees for the conference and all associated events and workshops, please be sure to register prior to March 1, 2015. Once you've successfully completed the registration process you should receive a confirmation email. 

As of last week we already had more than 70 people fully registered, but it also looks like many more have gone on the meeting registration site, but did NOT complete their registrations. If you think you've already completed your registration but have not received an email confirmation, please contact me ( or Bill Van Bonn ( ASAP and we will be able to check the system for you. 

Thank you so much for the nearly 150 great abstracts I've received, including for more than 30 posters! To all poster presenters, your session chairs will remind you of this, but the word from our hosts is that poster dimensions need to be limited to 48 inches or less. 

Finally, it’s not too late to help support all of the various activities and behind-the-scenes logistics associated with the IAAAM conference as a sponsor. Please contact Bill Van Bonn at if you or your organization might be able to provide assistance.