We have an exciting evening planned for students this year.  This year, the student workshop will be held on April 8, 2015, at 5 pm, and will be combined with our traditional Clinical Conundrums session.  

We’ll get things kick-started with a pre-selected case presented to the group.  Students will break into small groups with experienced IAAAM member mentors to discuss the case, and will then present their findings to the larger group.  Following this special student case work-up, member- or student- presented conundrums will follow, with input, insights and comments from members and students. This year Clinical Conundrums will feature a panel of subject matter experts to comment on cases, including Drs. Reidarson, Robeck, Clarke, and Gonzales. Dinner will be served at the event.  It should be an excellent opportunity for students to meet one another, as well as interact with our membership while learning through case discussions.

Please feel free to contact your Student Liaison Committee Chair, Dr. Allison Tuttle (atuttle@searesearch.org) with any questions.  We hope to see you there!