IAAAM Members Get Free Access to Presentation Videos Courtesy of Animal Professionals

As mentioned in the business meeting during the 2015 IAAAM Conference, many of the oral presentations and posters were recorded by Animal Professionals and will be available for streaming to current IAAAM members. In order to facilitate this access, we will be sending Animal Professionals a list of email addresses for current IAAAM members so that they can set up your account.

If you did not receive an email with this information already, then we do not have your correct email. Please fill out an Profile Update Form or contact me to resolve the issue.

If you wish to opt out and NOT have your email shared with Animal Professionals, please send me an email stating this request to iaaam.main@gmail.com and I will remove your email address from the list. I will be sending the list to Animal Professionals on May1, 2015, so be sure to let me know by April 30th if you wish to opt out.

John C. Jones, Ph.D.
IAAAM Webmaster