IAAAM is now accepting dues payments for 2019 Membership. If you were a member of IAAAM in 2017 or 2018, you can renew your membership on our 2019 Membership Dues Page.

If you are a new member or have let your membership lapse, you will need to apply for membership by

  1. Filling out a new member form at https://iaaam.org/iaaam-membership-form.

  2. Paying dues at https://iaaam.org/2019-membership-page.

  3. For full membership, you are also required to submit a current CV or Resume to membership@iaaam.org and have a current full IAAAM member serve as your sponsor. They can send word to our membership chair at membership@iaaam.org.

  4. For student membership, you will need to provide proof of student status by having a school official, internship director, or appropriate individual send a message to our membership chair at membership@iaaam.org.