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2018 IAAAM Conference Proceedings Download

Welcome to the 2018 IAAAM Conference. There are 2 options for downloading the 2018 IAAAM Proceedings. The first option is a zip file containing the proceedings with a navigation page as seen with proceedings presented on USB drives in the past. The second option is a zip file with only the abstracts. Choose your option below with suggested intructions to follow. If you have any questions, please contact us at webmaster@iaaam.org


2018 IAAAM Proceedings with Navigation Page (Recommended)

This zip file is designed to replace the USB drive that has been handed out at past IAAAM conferences. Once you download and unzip this folder to your computer, you can double-click on the the "index.html" file to open it in your favorite web browser. When the page opens, you will see a list of the conference days and sessions at the top of the page and links to the abstracts below. You can click on the session link in the top table of contents or scroll down to the session abstract list below to see the links to the abstracts. To open the abstracts, click on the title of the abstract and a PDF version of the abstract should open in a new tab of your browser.

I have successfully tested this navigation system on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. I recommend using this file if you plan on viewing the abstracts on a computer.

Download file: "2018 IAAAM Proceedings.zip" (updated Monday, May 21, 2018)

2018 IAAAM Conference Abstracts

This zip file includes a folder with all of the abstracts for the 2018 IAAAM Conference presentations and posters. The files are named with the session number (or "p" for poster), the postition of the presentation within the session, and a snippet of the title. For example. "01_07_characterization_of_a_novel_francisella.pdf" is in session one and will be the seventh presentation given. 

I recommend using this file if you plan on viewing the abstracts on mobile devices. I have extracted the zip file into my Dropbox account and the abstracts open easliy on my phone using the Dropbox app. It should also work well with Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud services as well. 

Download file: "2018 IAAAM Abstracts.zip" (updated Monday, May 21, 2018)