The Medway Foundation Fish-O-Meter 

Thank you to everyone who supported the Bill Medway Endowment fund raising efforts. As you can see, we have made our goal of $55,000! This was no small task, especially in these hard economic times, but with the help of many generous people we’ve made it. As you may recall, this amount was to be matched and therefore our total for the fund is $110,000! This fund will undoubtably boost the quality of student projects for years to come and in turn benefit us all.

Congratulations everyone, and again thank you for your generosity!

Erika Nilson
Pathology Veterinary Assistant
SeaWorld San Diego
Fax: 619-226-3951

Medway Scholarship Donors

$1000 + : Bull Shark


Mrs. Carol Medway
Sam Ridgway
Land O' Lakes Purina (Mazuri)
Disney Worldwide Services
Charles Louis Davis DVM Foundation

$500-$999: Coelacanth

Virginia Pierce
Tracy Romano
Craig Harms
Greg Lewbart

Ruth Manire
Donald Abt
Larry Dunn
Pacific Research Labs


$101- $499: Cownose Ray

Aaron McGrew 
Bill Van Bonn
Frances Gulland
Jim McBain
Ashley Linton
Thomas Eurell

Lisa Murphy 
Fiona Brook
Phoenix Central Labs
McRoberts Sales Co.
Diamond back Drugs
Olga Russkova


$1-$100: Moray eel

Jodi Michalkiewicz
Samara Parker
David Stelling
Edward Noga
Leslie Dierauf
Erin Scott
Don Stremme
Natalie Mylniczenko
Cindy Driscoll
Pam Tuomi
Ilze Berzins
Judy St. Leger
Tim Mullican
Nicholas Saint-Erne
J. Robin Buccos*
Lily-Jean Mazur*

Jeff Stott
Lance Adams
Julius Tepper
Bird Award donor
Taranza Zoo Library
Charles Maitz
Dan Cowan
Ted Hammond
Neils Van Elk
Laurie Gage
Shane Boylan
Genevieve Dumonceaux
Todd Schmitt 
George Sanders

* Donated in honor of Carol Medway