Dear Colleagues,

The Food and Drug Administration is in the process of revising the rules under which compounding pharmacies operate.  Some of their suggested changes may adversely affect the ability of our members in “non-domestic animal medicine” to practice quality medicine.  The AAZV will be attending a small stakeholders meeting with the FDA in Washington on 15 or 16 July, and we want to have as much useful information as we can for the meeting.  With coaching by the AVMA’s Washington based Government Relations Division, we have developed a survey for veterinarians who practice zoo, wildlife, aquatic, avian and exotic animal medicine. 

You may view the survey by following this link:

 We have three specific requests.  

  1. Many of our colleagues are members of more that one association, so they might be invited to take the survey by more than one group.  We ask that people only take the survey once.
  2. We must cut the survey off on 14 July so we can compile all of the data.  
  3. The U.S. FDA is only concerned about practices in the United States and its territories. If you are not practicing in the United States, please refrain from taking the survey.

The survey is in the public section of the AAZV Web site, so non-members of AAZV may take the survey.

We thank you for your immediate attention to this pressing issue.  

Robert Hilsenroth, DVM
Executive Director
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians