John M. Sykes IV, DVM, DACZM, Senior Veterinarian for the Zoological Health Program, Wildlife Conservation Society in New York, has released a series of on-line amphibian medicine tutorials on YouTube.

Each short 10-15 min video is designed to provide basic background information in various topics of amphibian medicine. The tutorials are available in 3 languages- English, Spanish, and French. The material is generally designed for use by veterinarians, but the information will be helpful to anyone involved in ex situ amphibian conservation programs. The tutorials are designed as an introduction, rather than a complete summary of all topics regarding amphibian medicine, and additional resources are listed in each tutorial.

Tutorials can be viewed as a stand-alone course, but will also be helpful for reviewing concepts taught at various amphibian husbandry and medicine workshops given around the world by organizations such as the AZA and the Amphibian Ark.

Link to the Amphibian Tutorial You Tube Channel:

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